Adopt A Dane

My work with AdoptADane Rescue

While selling homes is my passion, Great Danes hold a special place in my heart.

Nova is best friend to my wife and I. Nova came to live with us from a rescue organisation 3 years ago and has made such an amazing difference in our lives.

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TDA_how-you-can-help.pngHow You Can Help

Last year AdoptADane was able to rescue 82 beautiful dogs from abusive situations and Council shelters.  

My goal in 2019/2020 is to help AdoptADane raise $25,000 to help pay the medical bills and other costs associated with rehoming these gentle giants.  $500 from every house I sell will go towards this necessary service close to my heart. 

Help A Gentle Giant

TDA_people-involved.pngAdopt A Forever Friend

The People Involved

I was lucky enough to chat with Shelly Dudgeon, head of AdoptADane Qld.  Also featured is famous “AmbassaDane” Milkshake, also known as Evie, who is deaf, partially blind but full of love.  

Watch the video to hear her story  

TDA_amassadane.pngAmbassaDanes Sell Homes!

The first house where we featured a rescue dog in the video sold in 3 days after 30 inspections, 5 offers and a fantastic contract.  

I’m so excited to be donating my first $500 to AdoptADane and “AmbassaDane” Archie here was the perfect star of this promotion.  

Do you want us to bring a rescue Dane to your property?  We are helping bring attention to beautiful homes and wonderful dogs at the same time 

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TDA_snaps.pngFuzzy snaps!

Nova is pretty shy and does not like to take selfies with me… So here are some photos of her and other animal friends that I have met in the last couple of years working with Remax!